The Topper Difference

  ° Worldwide Service
  ° Family Owned And Operated
  ° 24/7 Live Support Staff
  ° Fully Licensed And Insured
  ° Serving Our Clients Since 1996


Topper Worldwide; for the eco-conscious traveler and corporation who would like to lower their carbon footprint and partner with green-conscious vendors. Topper has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that by combining first class service with environmental responsibility we have created the ultimate experience.

Below is some information on our green initiatives;

  • Hybrids and electric vehicles (market specific)
  • Diesel vehicles utilize Clean Diesel Technologies
  • Traffic monitoring GPS navigation to reduce miles and stop and go driving
  • No idle policy
  • Paperless office
  • Extensive recycling and composting program
  • Organic employee vegetable garden
  • Energy conscious office building
    • Transparent roof panels lower warehouse energy costs by over 95%
    • High efficiency lighting and HVAC system’s
    • Low flow sinks and toilets
    • Vehicles washed with captured rain water
    • Office flooring is made of recycled materials