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June 24th, 2016


Why Use A Transportation Service?

Why should you choose a premier transportation service like Topper Limousine when there are easy to use services like Uber, Lyft and taxi’s? We have more than one reason why you should quit going with the norm, and go with the service that guarantees the best experience every time.


Private car services offer exponential value that other modes of transportation cannot. How? Car service companies offer one concentrated bill for all services rendered, and they give them to you up front. Companies like Uber can charge you more than you expected whenever there is a surge (which seems to be happening quite often lately). You will always know what you are paying before your trip. No surprises, guaranteed!


The convenience of a private car makes it perfect for any situation in which you may find yourself. With a private car service you don’t have to waste your precious time on navigation. With every reservation you get a chauffeur who is well-versed in the city’s layout and traffic patterns and who will take care of all the driving. Not only that, but he or she will be a local expert who can give you tips on the best restaurants, hotels and places to unwind. There is no worry about parking, parking fees, parking miles away, or even parking tickets when you have a car service.  We drop you off right in front of any location you need to be. Once you are done, we will be at the front door waiting for you. There is never a wait for your car to come from across town.


Because chauffeured car companies use luxury vehicles, you’re guaranteed a smoother, more comfortable ride than your standard taxi or Uber. You can also count on the cars being cleaned and well-prepared for your personal preferences. When you’ve got a long ride, the extra comfort and legroom are crucial to keeping stress-levels low and your health high. When you’re relaxing in the back of a comfortable luxury vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur, you can sit back and enjoy your sweetie, or look at a map and plan exactly where you need to hit on your bay area tour.

Lucky for you, Topper Limousine offers all of the above services! With a large fleet of cars, only the best chauffeurs in the industry, and top knotch customer service everytime you ride with us, we can make your next outing one of the most memorable experiences you have ever had. Contact us today at 770-578-1867 to reserve your next trip.

June 17th, 2016

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Dad is without a doubt the hardest person to shop for. Many dad’s have no (or at least show no) interest in material gifts, making this one of the most brain-busting holidays of the year. See here for a couple of our favorite gift ideas, even for the man who has it all.

For the drink enthusiast.

Ice cubes are so early 2000′s. Fashion dad with the latest in drink technology with this set of 4 drink rocks. Made from smooth marble and soapstone, this pyramid, sphere, cylinder and cube are sculptural alternatives to ice, which means no diluting your drink! Available for purchase (here: http://www.cb2.com/set-of-4-drink-rocks/s534286) at a low price of just $16.99.

For the sharpest man in the room.

Make sure dad keeps his shoes in tip top shape with this easy to use Mark & Graham shoe shine kit. This kit includes everything you need to spiff up scuffs: four brushes, two cloths, and two tins of polish – one brown and one black. And it all comes housed in its own compact case, which features a subtle foil debossed monogram. Going for a special rate of $99, we suggest you order fast (and get overnight shipping!).

For the philanthropic coffee lover.

If dad loves coffee and really loves dogs, Grounds & Hounds has a wonderful mission with the tagline “for every pound you save a hound”. Essentially, for every bag of coffee you buy, 20% of all proceeds are donated to our rescue partner located closest to you. With a mission to help hardworking rescue groups in your area, your purchase will help save your local sheltered four-legged friends. Not only do they have a great mission, they also have a variety of fair trade, 100% organic coffee varieties from light to dark roast.

So why not treat dad this Father’s Day, he did put up with you through your teenage years after all. Cheers dad!

June 10th, 2016

Atlanta Bus Charter

Bus Charter isn’t always a go-to option for people looking for Atlanta group transportation because many people don’t know why it can be so great. We are going to give you just a few (of many) reasons why bus charter should be your next choice for group transportation.


Bus Charter is one of the most cost effective ways to travel. Traveling in a bus that can hold up to 57 people means that you can split the total cost between 57 people! Imagine going to an event with 50 people and buying plane tickets for that event… that would be crazy! Bus charter offers a short or long distance trip for much less the price than any other mode of transportation. When you arrive at your location you also have a mode of transportation around that area. No need to spend even more money on a rental car. Topper Limo also has some of the competitive rates in the market.


You never have to worry about being on separate flights or not sitting next to the person you wish. With bus charter you are in control of the whole trip! Where you stop, when you stop, where you sit, and so much more. You can participate in fun road games, get some work done, or even play a game of cards. Just like a plane or train, our 59 person bus even has a lavatory in case you don’t feel like making stops.


If you are going to a from a party  you can guarantee your safety on a motor coach. With a designated driver all night everyone can have a couple cocktails and relax, no compromising necessary! DUI’s cost upwards of $10,000, so don’t drink and drive.

Eco Friendly:

For groups interested in minimizing their carbon footprint, the bus is one of the best transportation options around. Airplanes leave a HUGE carbon footprint, and driving your own car isn’t much better (particularly if there are only one or two people in it at the time). Because they carry so many passengers, buses have lower emissions per person than planes or passenger cars.


Instead of spending endless time dumping your shampoo and hand lotion into tiny containers, bring your belongings as you please! No pat downs (or sometimes what feels like rub downs) or arriving 2 hours early to fight airport lines. Unlike an airplane, once on the road, you’ll be able to see the scenery instead of flying over it! Enjoy the surrounding areas. When flying you also have to plan for transportation to and from the airport. With bus charter, you will be dropped off at your exact destination. No extra planning needed.

We know that planning transportation for up to 57 people is a headache to even think about. Let our professional, trained staff make your commute the best you’ve ever had. No matter where you are going, near or far, the staff at Topper Limo is always there to help you. Need help planning? Feel free to call one of our reservation specialists today at 770-578-1867. Happy travels!

May 13th, 2016

Premier Transportation to Atlanta International Airport

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, flying can often times be a nightmare.  From all of the pre-flight preparation like laundry, packing your bags, going over your travel checklist and finding airport transportation it can be stressful before you even leave for the airport! Although there are a plethora of options for one to choose from to get to the airport, many people struggle with figuring out which is right for them. Here are the top options for getting to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, for every person in every situation.

Bus and Metro

If you’re traveling solo and only packed one bag, taking the bus may be a good option. Although the city bus is the most economical choice to get to ATL, it can also be a nightmare. Are you ready to board a bus full of daily commuters heading to work and school? Depending on the time of your flight, are you prepared to stand until maybe the last 10 minutes of your bus ride because there may be many passengers heading in the same direction? In addition to that, the stop and go movement might not be for you as your body is constantly shifted at each stop along the way, especially with your bags you thought wouldn’t be a big deal shifting around. It can also be just as hectic trying to get off of the bus than it was initially boarding. What if you live beyond 7 miles of ATL? Public transportation may be too limited and another option may be necessary.


Taxis are a popular option to ATL. Simply call your local taxi company and let them know where you’re starting and your final destination. In the vehicle will be just you and the driver. No other passengers or additional stops to worry about. Although it is more convenient and comfortable than a bus, additional costs may negate the advantages. Some taxis charge fees for handling passenger luggage and the ride to ATL may incur more charges due to stopping for traffic, accidents, etc. Each taxi company is different and no two taxi drivers are the same. You’ll either have a great driver and a clean car or potentially a dirty car with an awful driver (who might literally not know how to drive).


Uber has recently come to be one of the most popular modes of transportation to not only the airport, but all over Atlanta. With the ease of opening the app and requesting a car, to having a card stored and not having to deal with payment of any sort, it’s just convenient. However, with such ease, comes massive problems. Uber has been part of some pretty bad law suits as of late, being accused of assault, accidents and even worse. Not quite law suit worthy, but extremely frustrating is the fact that Uber drivers will accept your ride and then call and ask your drop off and cancel the ride if it doesn’t suit “their” needs. You also are driving in someones personal car, which can often time be not as clean as you’d like. Unprofessional drivers, unexpected bills and almost constant surges are just a couple more of the downfalls that come with riding with Uber.


What other options are available besides buses and taxis? Shared ride services are as plentiful as are taxi companies heading to ATL.  Shared rides come in the form of a van picking up passengers along the way to the airport, or a non-stop run from one point of interest to the airport. This may seem very convenient but the price rises the further you’re away from ATL. However, as with the bus, this does add on extra travel time to the airport as you’re not always the last stop.

Topper Limousine

At Topper Limousine you are in control. Do you need to make a stop or two before your trip to the airport? Excellent service is provided to you every step of the way to make sure you arrive at your destination in a timely fashion. As part of our first class experience, you get to choose in what vehicle you wish to ride. With choices like a Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac Escalade ESV or even a Ford E-150 for larger groups, we have something to suit everyone’s needs. Riding with Topper Limousine can be just as affordable as a shared ride service, shuttle or taxi. Unlike Uber rides which may charge 3x the amount depending on who-knows-what, our reservation specialists will give you a quote right away. Call one of our representatives today to learn more about efficient Atlanta Car Service at 770-578-1867 and sit back and enjoy your airport transportation.

May 6th, 2016

Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

We know you love Mom but sometimes life gets in the way and planning gets pushed to the side. If that’s the case this year don’t worry. With the help of Topper Limousine you can still plan the perfect day for her! See here for our favorite ways to spend Mother’s Day in Atlanta.


We know, brunch is such a basic Mother’s Day  activity but switch things up this year. Skip out on your favorite neighborhood joint and try something new! Atlanta is full of amazing food, so be adventurous for mom! Astor Court at The St. Regis Atlanta is hosting a Mother’s Day jazz brunch. The Mother’s Day jazz brunch will feature low country paella with Carolina rice, andouille sausage and Joyce Farms chicken; grilled beef tenderloin; imported and domestic caviar; and Belgian waffles. Kids? No problem. keep them busy and let their creativity shine by putting together a special bouquet for the most important woman in their life. The best bouquet will even win a free massage for mom! The first seating will take place from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.; the second seating, 2-4:30 p.m. The cost will be $125 for adults and $59 – $75 for children 4-12 years old; children under four years old will be free. Want to give your mom a true Parisian feel but just can’t afford the trip to France? Bistro Niko is your place. With an airy patio, live music and an a la cart brunch you’ll feel like you’re dining on the streets of Paris. Always be sure to call ahead for reservations (or even to ensure that they can accommodate a walk in!) so that you’re not waiting for hours because a hungry mom is not a happy mom.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Mom loves flowers, that’s just a fact. However, flower delivery can be through the roof and when they arrive they usually are pretty… blah. Unless you’re able to hit a farmers market for some fresh flowers we suggest trying something just a little different this year and visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Tickets start at $15.95 (children 3-12) and go up to $21.95 for adults. With over 12 acres to explore you can experience things like the Kendeda Canopy Walk, a 600-foot-long skywalk that allows the visitors to tour one of the city’s last remaining urban forests from around 40 feet in the air through the treetops of the Storza Woods. The skywalk extends from a bluff in the Garden into the branches of oaks, hickories and poplars. The structure also provides an aerial view of the woodland garden below. The garden will be open from 9-5.

Sweet Auburn Springfest

Visit the historic Sweet Auburn for one of the largest outdoor festivals in the southeast, Sweet Auburn Springfest! Free to the public this festival includes food, music and most importantly, fun! This is a kid-friendly event with their very own kid zone so feel free to bring the entire family.

Topper Limousine can truly make any Mother’s Day even more special with a premier transportation service. Ranging from sedan, to SUV, to passenger vans and more we have a vehicle to fit any Mother’s Day outing! Contact us today phone at 770-578-1867 or by email at info@topperlimo.com to book your Mother’s Day transportation.