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Topper Worldwide; for the eco-conscious traveler and corporation who would like to lower their carbon footprint and partner with green-conscious vendors.

Topper has reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly by mandating a no idle policy, utilizing hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles that can be run on low-carbon fuels, such as E-85.

Our clients can now experience the great service and spacious and luxurious vehicles they have become accustomed to, only now they can do it in a hybrid requiring a fraction of the fuel needed to produce the same performance.

Topper has also reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all company operations, including the implementation of utilizing preferred environmentally friendly suppliers.

Topper currently has an extensive recycling program to ensure all recyclable materials are being recycled. Currently 94.5% of the bottles, cans, magazines, newspapers, mint wrappers and name signs that are used in vehicles are being recycled. This number would be higher, but due to the fact that many passengers take a newspaper, magazine or drink with them, we are unable to account for those items being recycled. Office wide, we have also committed to recycling all shredded documents, bottles, cans and any other recyclable materials used with-in our facility.

In 2007, Topper converted every work station to have a minimum of 2 monitors. Combined with our document management system and in-house network, this multi-monitor set-up has allowed our office to consume 70% less paper. Our office has also undergone an energy audit. With the results of this audit we have done many renovations to our office, including installing new energy efficient windows and insulation through-out the building. We have also converted all of our lights to fluorescent bulbs.

Topper is currently the only chauffeured transportation company in the state of Georgia that utilizes full sized hybrid sedans in its fleet.

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